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We are leaders in the establishment, incorporation and listing process of SOCIMIs. Since 2010, we have been committed to the growth and expansion of the sector. Today, we continue to innovate in new markets and structures, being accredited members in all Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) operating from Spain: BME Growth – BME Scaleup – Euronext Access – Euronext Growth – Portfolio.


What is a REIT or SOCIMI?​

- A special tax regime dedicated to the acquisition and promotion of urban real estate for rental.​.​
- Assets can be inside or outside of Spain
- Participations in the capital of other REITs or similar entities

Main requirements

- 80% of the value of the asset in urban properties intended for leasing.
- 80% of the income must come from leasing properties.
- Social capital of €5M.
- The properties must remain leased for at least 3 years.
- Must be listed in a stock market.
- Must issue dividends.

Main advantages

- Family Business fiscal regime and succession planning.
- Separation and protection of real estate assets from the rest of the family assets.
- Transparency and supervision.​
- Family corporate restructuring without tax cost

Tax Regime

- 0% corporate tax and 95% bonus on ITP and AJD.
- Undistributed profits will be taxed at 15% in IS.
- Benefits for family or hotel groups
- Mergers, splits, contributions of assets and exchanges of securities are carried out with a valid economic reason if the purpose is the creation of a SOCIMI.


Incorporation Into the Markets

We act as global coordinator of the process of incorporation into the Multilateral Negotiation Systems, including the coordination of the different advisors involved in the process.


We advise financing and investor attraction for Mid-Caps and SOCIMI, establishing a solid and stable financial structure with a long-term vision.

Investor relations

We design the image strategy of companies and the relationship with its shareholders and investors during the process of Market incorporation and maintenance.

Corporate Operations

We design and execute corporate finance operations, mergers and acquisitions, as well as develop investment vehicles and strategic alliances.

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