Experts in raising funding

We advise on finding financing for companies and REITs/SOCIMIs through equity or debt, both in public and private markets.


Define the Transaction

Defining the transaction design and selecting the most appropriate investor profile.


Preparing process documentation (valuation, sales notebook, investor Q&A)

Identify Investors

Preparing roadshows, with a clear communication of the business model.

Negotiation Advice

Introducing investors. Independent advice in the negotiation, execution and closing of agreements.


Incorporation Into the Markets

We act as global coordinator of the process of incorporation into the Multilateral Negotiation Systems, including the coordination of the different advisors involved in the process.

Corporate Operations

We design and execute corporate finance operations, mergers and acquisitions, as well as develop investment vehicles and strategic alliances.

Investor relations

We design the image strategy of companies and the relationship with its shareholders and investors during the process of Market incorporation and maintenance.

Corporate Governance

We advise on the constitution and operation of the Governing Bodies of listed companies in Europe. We help prepare the necessary information on how sustainability affects the company's results.

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