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Advice on access to securities markets, facilitating the growth and development of Mid-Cap​

With a firm belief in responsible investment, we accompany Mid-Cap in their process of growth and international expansion, through strategic decision making.

We are pioneers in the commitment to growth and development of Mid-Cap, providing access to the advantages offered by the Stock Markets.

Our experience includes advice as Listing Sponsor (Euronext), Registered Advisor (BME Growth/MAB) or SMN Advisor (Portfolio Stock Exchange) in the processes of incorporation and maintenance in the Stock Markets, especially those adapted to the needs of Mid-Cap.

These Markets ease the path to fundraising to be able to implement their growth plans through the development of new products or services, entry into international markets, the improvement of productivity or digital transformation.

The Stock Markets also allow, among other things, the attraction and retention of talent together with the improvement of the brand image. Additionally, we pave the way for Mid-Cap in the process of executing corporate transactions (mergers and acquisitions, demergeres, debt issuance…) and we help our clients to value their business models, including their ESG strategy through a proper financial communication.

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Enterprise Value: 52 M€ Ticket: MLJ21 Code: MLPER Inc. Date.: March 2022 Market: Euronext Access París ARMANEXT Services: Coordinador Global y Listing Sponsor
Incorporating Euronext has allowed the company to advance in achieving its growth objectives, especially inorganically, with the acquisition of four companies since its incorporation. Listing is also a tool to build employee loyalty through the delivery of shares.

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