Euronext, an alternative for the listing and trading of SOCIMI

LAW 11/2009, 26/10
Sociedades Anónimas Cotizadas de Inversión en el Mercado Inmobiliario

Article 4. Obligation to be listed for trading on a regulated market or a multilateral trading facility.

“SOCIMI shares shall be admitted for trading either on a Spanish or any other European member state regulated market or multilateral trading facility. SOCIMI shares could also be traded on a European Economic Area regulated market or a multilateral trading facility or on any regulated market from any country where there exists a continuous effective exchange of tax information during the whole tax period”.

At ArmanexT we coordinate the listing process on Euronext, so that, your SOCIMI meets with the Article 4 requirement of being listed for trading.

Euronext should be considered as an alternative for the Listing and trading of your SOCIMI due to:

  • No free-float requirement
  • Reduced costs
  • Fast-track process and well-defined schedule
  • Increased international visibility due to Euronext being the largest European Market
  • Precise required documentation that facilitates the listing process

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