What requirements does the company have to meet in order to be listed?

EURONEXT ACCESS EURONEXT ACCESS + EURONEXT GROWTH EURONEXT (A/B/C) PERMANENT REQUIREMENTS Annual financial statements Yes Annual audited report Semi-annual financing reporting Not required Non audited semi-annual report Audited semi-annual report Price sensitive information, list of insiders, market survey  Applicable (Directive Market Abuse) Declaration of transactions Applicable (Directive Market Abuse) Declarations of breaches of threshold (detention of capital et right to vote)  Non applicable Applicable Anti-money laundering  Applicable Website  Yes

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Who supervises me?

The supervision of a listed and traded company is exercised by the competent authority of the country where the company was incorporated. In the case of Spanish incorporated firms, this supervision is carried out by the “Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores” (CNMV). The Market may stablish additional requirements. ArmanexT´s work as Listing Sponsor consists on the supervision, coordination and assistance to the company so all established requirements are met in good time and appropriate manner.

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What is the Technical Listing?

Es una de las formas que tienen las empresas para salir a Bolsa, con la particularidad de que no es necesario que ninguna acción cambie de dueño, frente a las Ofertas Públicas de Venta o las Ofertas Públicas de Subscripción, en las que, coincidiendo con el momento de la salida a Bolsa, hay compraventa de acciones viejas o subscripción de acciones nuevas. Click here for more information

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