What requirements does the company have to meet in order to be listed?

EURONEXT ACCESS EURONEXT ACCESS + EURONEXT GROWTH EURONEXT (A/B/C) PERMANENT REQUIREMENTS Informes financieros anuales Yes Informe anual auditado Informes financieros semestrales No requerido Informe anual no auditado Informe semestral auditado Información confidencial que afecte al precio, lista de personas con información privilegiada, encuesta de mercado Aplicable (Directiva Abuso de Mercado) Declaracion de transacciones Aplicable (Directiva Abuso de Mercado) Declaraciones de incumplimiento de umbrales (Detención de capital. ejemplo: derecho a voto) No Aplicable Aplicable No-lavado de dinero Aplicable website Yes

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Who supervises me?

There exists a dual supervision, on one side, that of the regulator where the company is listed and traded and on the other, that of the Spanish Regulatory body (CNMV). In both cases, ArmanexT´s work as Listing Sponsor consists on the supervision, coordination and assistance to the company so all established requirements are met in good time and appropriate manner.

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What is the Technical Listing?

It is an alternative offered to companies in order for them to list their shares on a Stock Market with the particularity that no shares have to change hands. This contrasts with IPOs, where coinciding with the listing, there is buy and sale share transactions. Click here for more information

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