What is a Market for growing SMEs?

They are newly created markets, promoted by the European Union in its pursuit to bring the Stock Markets closer to European SMEs. They have simplified admission and permanence processes oriented to small and medium-sized enterprises that are homogeneous across all member estates with the objective of facilitating the access to new sources of financing, either with equity or bonds.

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What is a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF)?

Also known as Alternative Stock Market, a MTF is a Stock Exchange generally oriented to small and medium-sized companies that seek to expand. MTF have a regulation designed specifically for them, and costs as well as listing processes adapted to their characteristics.

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What is Euronext?

Euronext is the main Stock Market in Europe, and brings together the Stock Exchanges of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland, Norway and a Derivatives Exchange in the United Kingdom. On Euronext, there are close to 1,500 listed companies from around the world and over 5,000 active investors analysing them. Euronext offers the possibility of being listed on one of its four markets depending on the company´s size, liquidity and expectations. Euronext has four markets, each of them with a particular focus and admission criteria that allows companies to meet their needs and expectations. Euronext Access Euronext Access + Euronext Growth Euronext A/B/C

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How is a company valued?

Euronext does not require a specific method or valuation model. Each company (depending on their business sector and size) will be valued according to the most appropriate criteria by the Independent Expert Valuator.

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Is it mandatory for an issuing firm to hire a Listing Sponsor?

Yes, hiring a Listing Sponsor (ArmanexT) is mandatory in most Markets. The Listing Sponsor is an official figure responsible for the coordination of the process. Furthermore, the Listing Sponsor will support shareholders and the management of the company along the listing process.

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Spanish or International Advisors?

The different needed advisors (Auditor, Legal Advisor, Expert Independent Valuator) shall be experienced firms, and with an established reputation regardless of their nationality. In the case of Spanish firms, Spanish advisors are more commonly used, although this is only a matter of practicality.

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