How is a company valued?

Euronext does not require a specific method or valuation model. Each company (depending on their business sector and size) will be valued according to the most appropriate criteria by the Independent Expert Valuator.

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Is it mandatory for an issuing firm to hire a Listing Sponsor?

Yes, hiring a Listing Sponsor (ArmanexT) is mandatory in most Markets. The Listing Sponsor is an official figure responsible for the coordination of the process. Furthermore, the Listing Sponsor will support shareholders and the management of the company along the listing process.

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Spanish or International Advisors?

The different needed advisors (Auditor, Legal Advisor, Expert Independent Valuator) shall be experienced firms, and with an established reputation regardless of their nationality. In the case of Spanish firms, Spanish advisors are more commonly used, although this is only a matter of practicality.

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What is a Listing Sponsor/Registered Advisor?

It is an official figure authorized, supervised and regulated by Euronext with a dual function: Accompanying SMEs and SOCIMI in the listing process, ensuring these comply with all requirements established by each market, acting as global coordinator of the process, and ensuring that the information provided by the different advisors is accurate and complete. Ensuring that companies comply with their information disclosure obligations whilst listed on a Stock Market.

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