Servicios de asesoría legal en la incorporación a los mercados de valores

Legal advice for listing on European markets as well as financing searches.

Our experience and commitment help companies to successfully list on Stock Markets such as BME Growth, Euronext and Portfolio, as well as on the New Alternative Stock Markets based on Blockchain/ DLT Technology.

We help and advise clients, deliver the best value every time according to their needs.

We advise clients on the following services:

Corporate Governance

We provide services as General Counsel of the company and guide on the full range of corporate governance issues. Our expertise in this area allows us to provide valuable insights regarding the Board of Directors Code, Audit Committee, Shareholdings Meetings according to the companies by laws, Laws and other regulations.

Regulatory Compliance

On compliance reviews, developing and procedures according to BME Growth, Euronext, and Portfolio regulations, and regulatory authorities

Corporate Structure

On company’s structures according to listing requirements. We also share our experience on negotiation and drafting of civil and commercial agreements.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

We have the expertise and market Knowhow to tackle every aspect of an M&A deal from beginning to end.

Legal Due Diligences

wWe control the extent of the analysis our client needed in order to be listed in the different Stock Markets such as BME Growth, Euronext, Portfolio.

Regulatory Relations

We manage and coordinate all aspects of regulatory examinations based on fluent communication with BME Growth, Euronext, Portfolio and other stakeholders. We have experience on building strong relationships that assist effective and transparent interactions throughout the entire listing process.

New ways to Finance a Business

We combine our legal experience in the financial sector, with knowledge of new technologies, to offer legal advice to support innovative business.

Our services include:

Blockchain-based incorporation process for MTS: We advise on joining Multilateral Trading Systems based on blockchain technology.

Regulatory Sandbox model: We help on financial innovation, guiding clients through the process to submit applications about applying and testing in the Spanish regulatory Sandbox.

Asset Tokenization: Tokenized assets benefits from permissionless liquidity, open access, on chain transparency, and reduced transactional friction compared with traditional assets. We advise on different types of tokens: utility, security and NFTs.

Market Regulations: We work together with the new trading platforms in the definition of their rulings in order to guarantee the protection of investors and other stakeholders.

Our advice and solutions for Mid-Cap and REITs

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