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Advice for the present and future relationship with investors.

We advise on the current and future strategy of the company’s image and on the company’s relationship with its current and potential shareholders and investors throughout the process of incorporation and maintenance in the Market.

In ARMANEXT we offer investor relations services in a modular way and at three different stages:

Our clients can opt for the preparation and execution of the different actions or an advisory service for the start-up and subsequent quality control of the Investor Relations function.


Before incorporation to the Stock Markets

Company’s communication material design.

Establish the format, as well as the depth of the financial information to be presented.

Designing the communication plan (before and during the process).

Definition of the idea force.

Establish the group of investors to whom the offer will be directed.

Development of internal communication.

Communication supports: web, memory.


At the incorporation and inmediately after

Control and coordinate media coverage.

Collaborate with external agencies in the preparation of media appearances.

Accompany the company in presentations to investors and transmit feedback.

Once the interest on the part of investors is known, selection of the group of priority potential investors.


From the first month after placement

Evolve and keep the presentations up to date.

Collaborate in the preparation of the communication policy.

Anticipate reactions to possible negative news.

Maintaining the relationship with investors.

Attend and promote company presentations, in short, maintaining interest in value.

Monitoring and analysis of the price.

Investors Relations- FAQ

A person who performs this work must have financial analysis skills of Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account and project valuation. It must have communication skills in order to be able to explain the company’s projects, growth plans, etc. Above all, it must be a person capable of generating trust, both inside and outside the organization. The strong drive for ESG requirements means that this person must also be familiar with existing regulations and standards both on corporate governance issues and the operation of the board, as well as being up-to-date on everything related to information requirements in terms of not financial information.

The main objective is to have a fluid relationship with investors and shareholders so that they fully understand the strengths of the company so that the Stock Markets are always open to finance the company. Another very important objective is the enhancement of both the company’s assets and its forecast of future flows from its projects, since future assets and flows are what determine the company’s valuation. Finally, the perception of investors about the company, its strategy, its decisions must be transmitted internally. Often there is a risk that the perception of the outsiders about the company may be very different from the internal perception.

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